I've made the choice to be confident...

My favorite childhood book was called, "You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer." Based in the 1920's, it follows one of the first women to defiantly wear pants when it wasn't socially acceptable to do so. Illustrations showed an unapologetic woman who seemed blissfully unaware of the critical crowds, unhappy that a woman was stepping "out of line." Amelia becomes an entrepreneur, founding a newspaper where she can broadcast her bold ideas that go against what's considered "normal" or "acceptable" for women.

Ever since
I was a
little girl,

Confident women have doubts & insecurities.
They just don't let insecurities call the shots.

I Wanted My Dreams more than I wanted Comfort.

I fancy myself a modern-day Amelia Bloomer.
Today, I help women grow their confidence as they pursue their dreams (still a rebellious act in our society) because I believe that

Confident Women Change Lives.

What would the world look like if confident women were the rule, not the exception?

When Confident Women Reach Their Dreams, Everybody Benefits

You Can Change       the World

Confident Entrepreneurs
Confident Women in Corporate
Confident Activists
Confident Mothers
Confident Women in Government
Confident Educators

That's why I work to help women become


Since 2020, I've helped

women find confidence & clarity in
the pursuit of their dream lives


It started with a global vision to help marginalized women & girls facing poverty.

my story

When I was 15 years-old, I co-founded Trades of Hope: a multi-million dollar fair trade fashion brand. As a leader of the company today, I've become an expert at building income-generating brands and making seemingly impossible goals a reality.

We started Trades of Hope to create jobs for women to lead their families out of poverty and trafficking. But over the years, I've had women we partner with hold my hands, look me in the eyes and say, "My job gives me so much more CONFIDENCE!" (These are often women who are deemed worthless in their society!)

That lit a fire under me like never before. I want to spend my life watching women unapologetically realize their power and boldly reject the narrative society has been telling them. Around the world, but in the U.S., too!

Your dream is on your heart for a reason. Your desire for success is not selfish.

Whether you are an (aspiring) entrepreneur or are climbing a corporate ladder, I believe YOUR SUCCESS will create echos of GOOD in this world. If you are dreaming it, it is possible for you. And if it's on your heart, it's something this world needs. Your success is not selfish.

Your story

What if there were a way to pursue your dreams with unstoppable confidence?

Whether you are wanting to grow a business or find more fulfillment in a traditional career, there is a way you can know your exact next steps to take to make your wild goals happen, experience momentum, growth, and abundance forward in your life, and pursue your dreams with an unstoppable confidence.


Confidence isn't...

What  it is...


Severing Others Well
Aware of Others' Needs
Being Present
Enjoying Life

confidence isn't:

confidence means:

Insecurities, doubt, or worrying about how you look are distractions. When you remove those distractions, you can CONFIDENTLY show up as your best self, focus on serving others, and truly be unstoppable.


"One call with her will leave you walking away with more confidence and a clear sense of direction!"


"Elisabeth is a gem and a light! If you have questions about building a brand, it's totally worth it!"


"Highly recommend if you're looking for guidance on your next steps!"


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Outlander (always)

the childhood book that shaped me:

You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer


At the age of 16


Touring Old English Estates



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