Investing in myself has been the #1 move I've made to transform, not only my businesses, but myself as a powerful human. I have diverse suite of  1:1 calls, masterclasses, and tools to meet different levels of investment and support.


REINVENT Yourself in 12 Weeks Challenge

Most of us have two lives:
the lives we live and the lives we are capable of living.

perfect for you if you...

3 entry options, an 

opportunity for everyone:

Want to break patterns that you know are holding you back

Have a version of yourself and your life you can't stop thinking about 

Want a tried-and-true framework to guide your next steps

Are desiring a new change in your life to happen quickly

The Core

Get the core of the program: 
the self-guided Notion Template.


a week (12 Weeks)

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Notion Template, Weekly Group Voxer Thread & 1 Group Call

Best Value


A Week (12 Weeks)

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All In: 1:1 Kick
Off Call

Template, Group Accountability &
a 1:1 Call to Fill Out Your Template


A Week (12 Weeks)

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We'll break down your BIG dream into next steps. The real value is the confidence from having a plan!




One 60-minute 1:1 call 

Learn your exact next steps to take to make your wild goals happen

All your questions answered, personalized advice and feedback

BONUS: receive the Dream Designer Notion Template for FREE

60 min call:


The Self-Guided
IIGB Template

Framework to define your brand, organize a product suite, and plan marketing.


One time

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Irresistible Income-Generating Brand Consultation Call

I've built multiple irresistible income generating brands. I can help you do the same.


In-depth questions to determine the brand vision, voice, values that's in you

Ideas for social media content and marketing specific to your brand

The structure I use to plan a profitable product suite

The IIGB Notion Template you can use for the rest of your career

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The IIGB 1:1 Consultation Call

Receive the Self-Guided Template AND a 1:1 call for feedback specific to YOUR brand.


one time

"I never knew there were so many revenue streams available to me! Elisabeth helped me think outside of the box!"


"We covered everything I wanted to cover and then some! This conversation reframed how I think about making income."


"I feel like I have so much more confidence and clarity after our time together!"


4 Weeks of Private Voxer Coaching

Receive M-F daily practical & mindset coaching from me via voice messages.

perfect for you if you...



Lack clarity on what your next steps should be 

Would benefit from some accountability 

Desire a change in your traditional career or are starting a business

Want to invest in yourself, but desire a lower price point

Career Consultation (Non-Entrepreneurs)

You deserve a career that feels fulfilling, healthy, and enlivening! And it's totally possible for you. 



perfect for you if you...

Pivoting career tracks or applying to new positions

Managing people in a way that feels good and authentic

Promoting through your industry

Growing a multi-million dollar company means I've become the person who makes hiring decisions, promotes people, and manages multiple teams. Gain the reassurance of me vetting your resume or next steps!

best value opportunity:

3 Months Private Coaching

3 one-on-one mentoring calls,
one per month ($444 value each)

Specific goals and action steps planned at the end of each call

Ongoing accountability to ensure you make the most of your time

Concentrated time to focus on radical transformation

Access to me on the Voxer app M-F for questions in between calls

Strategies & assignments to work on in between sessions together

Custom-to-you plans to grow your brand, income, confidence 

Free access to all masterclasses & guides I create in our 3 months

Science says we can get more done in 3 months than a whole year with the right focus. You in?


1:1 GOAL

The most popular container my clients enjoy with me.

Most popular


for one hour

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3 Months of

Monthly calls & Voxer coaching. Month price less than the price of ONE hour call.

Best Value





"One call with her will leave you walking away with more confidence and a clear sense of direction!"


"Elisabeth is a gem and a light! If you have questions about building a brand, it's totally worth it!"


"Highly recommend if you're looking for guidance on your next steps!"


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