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Every month, I'll REVEAL to you what happened in my business so that you can save yourself time, avoid my trial-and-error, and learn how to create the results I generated.

Within the first week of every month, an audio training will be added to your membership. It will give you a behind-the-scenes look of all the details and lessons from my business from the month before.

PS - The ONLY reason I’m charging for this is because I will be 100% vulnerable and real, so it’s got to be for the women who will use this info to grow their businesses only! And at the same time, the insights shared in this membership is HUNDREDS of dollars worth of coaching. I kind of can't believe I'm giving THIS MUCH information away for this price, but I just want all of us women to win in business!

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Growing a business can be a roller coaster ride. The highs feels so high and the lows can feel so low. Hear how I hold and walk through all of it so you can learn to do the same.


You'll hear my thought processes behind all of my offers, selling, and social that month. Learn what I did that I liked or what I'd do differently (so you can do it "right" the first time)!


THE THING that separates the business owners with WILD results vs. those who don't see growth is MINDSET. Learn how I take care of my mind to be in this game for the long haul.


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"My call with Elisabeth was nothing short of transformative. I went into our call with a few vague ideas that I didn’t know how to implement and an eclectic collection of skills under my belt. By the end of our session, I had a full product suite that will allow me to create opportunities for my business and is designed for growth. Most importantly, I have so much more clarity about the value of the skills and services I have - and I know for a fact that Elisabeth saved me time, money, and years worth of trial and error. Helping women see their potential is her superpower.” 


"Elisabeth's style and mannerisms immediately put me at ease during our group coaching and 1 on 1 call. The clarity gained from talking through my business design ideas with her was amazing and she asked very thought-provoking questions to help dig down into issues where I felt stuck. I would 100% recommend working with Elisabeth in any way, you will gain so much and it is a very solid investment in yourself and any potential business."


"I left my call with Elisabeth feeling really energized. I had clarity and concrete plans to monetize my skills in new ways, and I also had validation that my skills were valuable. I had particular questions around the logistics of online sales and marketing, and Elisabeth took all the guesswork out of it and saved me a ton of time."


"My 1:1 call with Elisabeth was wonderful! She helped me break down my goals (some that I have been trying to achieve for a while) and think of specific steps in which I could achieve them. I left the call feeling excited and motivated because I now have a plan that I know I can complete. She was very kind and engaging, which gave me the confidence boost that I really needed for this."


"I had so much fun on my call with Elisabeth! It's rare to find people who are as passionate about your success as you are, and Elisabeth is one of those rare few. Our call even went overtime at her request because she was so excited about helping me grow my business! Her advice was specific and practical, and I left the call feeling confident in my ability to build the life I want."


“My conversation with Elisabeth made me feel much more confident in my ability to meaningfully contribute to my industry. She helped me identify several marketing strategies that I can use in both the short and long term. And she was a wonderful sounding board for several ideas I have been mulling over (for more than a year) for my small business. She gave me actionable steps to grow my audience and revenue, that I cannot wait to implement.”


“I had my first 1:1 call with Elisabeth, and I really walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and even more confident moving forward with the goals I have for my dance business. Not only is she a true leader in her profession, but she is so kind, and really genuinely cares about people, and eager to help them succeed. I couldn’t have been more happy with my 1:1, and I highly recommend Elisabeth for anyone looking to excel, and really desire to get ahead in their field.”


"I asked for advice on how to scale my business, which had 3 employees at the time and an annual revenue of about $40K. Elisabeth offered insights on leadership which put me and my mindset at the center, to think not just how to address immediate issues but how I would manage my businesses going forward. Just 2 years later, I manage a business of 8 employees with an annual revenue in the 6 figures, Elisabeth and I have become fast friends, and I am ready to take on my next set of challenges as I launch (yet) another business. 


"I loved our time together over the past few months + the plans I now have in place to help elevate my business! Elisabeth genuinely cares about the details of your business and was a great support system and resource to have! She encouraged me to think outside the box while also using proven steps to maximize my time and efforts!"

"One call with her will leave you walking away with more confidence and a clear sense of direction!"


"Elisabeth is a gem and a light! If you have questions about building a brand, it's totally worth it!"


"Highly recommend if you're looking for guidance on your next steps!"


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