How to Deal with People Trolling YouGot online trolls? Yeah, me too. So how do you deal with people trolling you?

Can I share something real with you for a second? For the first time this year, I’ve started hesitating what I post, when I post, and where I post online. Why? Because I’ve recently started experiencing serious trolling from strangers on the internet. So how do you deal with people trolling you?

Here’s how it all went down…

One of my TikTok videos got 650k views in just a few days. At first, people were loving it, feeling seen, and being inspired. But then…

This video’s reach expanded to people outside of my target demographic. It did NOT resonate with them because it was not made for people like them. This was evident as they started commenting the most rude and aggressive comments I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Posting content after receiving that level of hate was a completely different experience for me. For the first time, before I would hit “post” on anything, I started crossing my fingers and whispering, “Please, please don’t get 600k views – just like 100k or something, but not 600k!” I just didn’t want that kind of reach (even if it meant my work was successful) if it came with all the rude people on the internet.

However, living in fear is not how I roll.

It’s actually the complete opposite of the “confidence to change the world” I champion online.

When I started to receive DMs from women asking me how to handle their online bullying experiences, I knew I needed to use the Gumption Edition to spread some emboldening power with you all.

Here’s what I learned about how to deal with people trolling you.

Not all of us receive negativity online – but it’s so normal for us to worry about what people say behind our backs about our social media use.

And here’s the truth:

If you’re using social media – especially for your business or career – people will talk about you.

People will talk about you.


Because what you’re doing is worth talking about. And if they feel threatened by it, they’ll elect negative words. (On the flip side, those who are helped by you will speak of how you inspire them!)

Here are some truths to keep in mind while battling online hate (or even just the fear of it behind your back!):

  1. Try-hards earn hard. Yes, some people will call you a “try-hard” for strategically using social media to build your career or business. But while they are using their time to try to tear you down, you’ll be using your time building your bank account. Remember that.
  2. The version of you people create in their heads is not your responsibility.
  3. You will only thrive in your work when you become okay with people misunderstanding you.
  4. Your hard work will never be criticized (in the comments or behind your back) by people doing more than you. You will only ever be criticized by people doing less.
  5. Fulfilled people don’t have the time or the interest to comment rude opinions. It doesn’t even occur to them.

The negative comments aren’t about you.

It’s about where they are at mentally.

But you and I? We can’t let them stop us! We have too much too do. We have too many to help. Let’s remember who’s winning here — because it’s not the person hiding behind the phone screen or tearing you down.

Some people are going to feel threatened by the confidence and joy you have. Let’s wish them well and then keep doing our thing.

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