How to Stop Procrastinating 02

How to Stop Procrastinating 02

I got so many messages like this that I had to do a part 02 on How to Stop Procrastinating.

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Procrastination is SO NORMAL. We all do it, but we don’t have to anymore. If you missed the last blog post full of part 01’s tips, click here to see them!
Here are 02 more tips on how to Stop Procrastinating, and this is where the tough love which is actually self-love comes in.

1. Ditch the “I don’t have enough time” excuse.

Actually, you do have time. You just don’t want to make that one thing a priority. Which is not necessarily a bad thing! Have you ever been swamped, but then one day a new opportunity or project or social event comes up that gets you so excited? Suddenly, your maxed-out to-do list makes way for this new interesting thing! This is proof that you do have time for the things you keep putting off. You’re just not making the time for it. Don’t lie to yourself, friend! If it’s not a priority to you, then take it off your list. If it is, then you’ll make time for it.

2. You are the leading lady of your own life. Own your actions.

Stop saying you “can’t” do something (like a victim) when you really mean you “won’t” do something (owning it, like the queen you are). It’s really interesting when you begin catching yourself saying “I can’t…” and in that moment mentally re-phrasing it to “I won’t…” Saying “I won’t” really means “I don’t want to.” And let me tell you, this doesn’t reflect badly on you. It’s actually freeing!
Saying that you don’t want to do something doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you honest. 

If you are going to create the life of your dreams, you have to take responsibility for your life. That means to stop blaming external factors when you are 100% in control of how you respond to them.

When you start using the word “won’t” you’ll begin to feel more powerful! You’ll feel more energized and guilt-free knowing that you are taking full responsibility for who you are and how you spend your time.
When I begin to reach for my phone while I’m working, I stop – hand frozen in the air – and remind myself I’m not the kind of woman who is glued to her phone while she’s working on her career.
When I have scrolled on social media for too long, I shut those apps down when I catch myself because apps don’t control my time. I control my time.
When I’m nervous to start a project that feels over my head, I acknowledge those thoughts, thank them for warning me, and then shut them down. Because not even my feelings are allowed to dictate what I do or don’t do. I am the only one who calls the shots in my life.
At the end of the day, who do you want calling the shots in your life? Are you actively participating in creating the life of your dreams? Or are you letting social media, stress, and your feelings just happen to you?
Tough love and discipline — they are the ultimate acts of self-love and self-care while you’re working toward your goals. So light a candle, put on a face mask, and call the shots in your life. I’m rooting for you!

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