How to Take Photos of YourselfHow to Take Photos of Yourself Without a Photographer

I was a professional portrait and wedding photographer for years and years — but there’s no doubt it’s easier to get photos when someone else is taking them. I’m sharing my 05 tips to get photos — photos with YOU in them!


For the entrepreneur: You literally need photos of yourself for your business. Personal brands are proven to be far more effective than brands solely showing a product or service.

tip no. 01: Use an app for your camera or get a cheap wireless remote from amazon for your camera or phone.

I use the Canon Camera Connect App (watch the video for tutorial), but you can use an inexpensive remote or set a timer on your camera!

If that’s not an option for you, I recommend an inexpensive remote to trigger your camera. (There are plenty for $7 on Amazon.) You can get one for your camera or your phone!

Lastly, while it’s the most time-consuming because you have to walk back and forth to your camera between shots, you can just set a timer in your camera’s settings. It’s still definitely an option. I’ve done it!

tip no. 02: Don’t have a tripod? Get creative and prop your camera up on something!

This may require some finessing and trial and error, but to quote Micheal Scott quoting that other guy: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

I’m not liable for whatever happens to your camera. All I can do is keep it real and tell you what I do! I’ve put my camera in some messed up places. (Watch the video above to see it fall out of a tree!) Other photographers would take my camera away for the risks I take. But I got the shots and my camera still works, and I will keep living this way until that’s no longer true.

Buuut… You can use a tripod if trees scare you.

This is the one I travel with. It fits in my carry-on without taking up too much room at all!

tip no. 03: Give yourself some time!

It will take some trial and error to get your shot. Shooting yourself is a lot more time-consuming than if someone looks at you and snaps. This it totally fine if you account for this. Don’t expect to get awesome photos in 10 minutes — I never do! Block out enough time. It’s not you. It’s like that for everyone!

tip no. 04: Make sure you have extra batteries!

Using an app or remote will drain your camera battery and on your phone. If I’m going out for the day to shoot, I bring multiple camera batteries and an external charging pack for my phone. I’d say you’re good for like 1-2 hours without extra battery life, but don’t risk it! (Save the risk of putting your camera in trees! Just kidding. Not really.)

tip no. 05: If there are strangers around you, ask them to take your photo!

This is totally a feasible option if you’re at your favorite coffee shop, getting content around town, or at a beautiful outdoor site! This should not be harder than all the other steps! No one will ever say “no” to your request. The worst possible thing that could happen is the photos are unusable.

To make it as easy as possible, I’ll share the exact kind of person — people, rather — I look for when I require a stranger to take my photo: A pack of cute, early 20’s girls who are snapping photos of each other. I start by kind of hovering around. Then, when they got their photos (now they’re in a good mood), I walk up like I’m their 5th long-lost best friend. We always end up hyping each other up!

Let me know how trying out these tips go! Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram!

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