6 International Travel Tips

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  1. Bring snacks. If you’re asleep on the plane while they’re passing out dinner or breakfast, they’ll just skip you! And you’ll be hungry (on top of jet lagged). I usually go for trail mixes (with chocolate!) and dried (probably sugary) fruit.
  2. Your suite case matters. It is a game changer on traveling days and throughout your trip! I just received an AWAY suit case (the Bigger Carry-On), and I’m emotionally attached to it now. (It’s healthy, trust me.)My favorite part is that it has a built-in, removable battery to charge your phone under the raising handle. I felt like I ran the world walking to my next gate while charging my phone. I also love the compression pad that you can buckle down over your clothes to hold them down to create more room for shoes! (Or whatever strikes your fancy.)In addition to fun bonuses like a matching dirty laundry bag and wheels that roll EFFORTLESSLY, I am giddy about my monogrammed initials on the top of the unbreakable, flexible shell exterior. They’re hand-painted on by an AWAY artist (not stickers, like I thought!). I chose to get it in white with a Tiffany-blue shadowing. It makes the bag feel super special (and that way everyone knows this bag belongs to ECH!)
  3. No make-up make-up. I don’t need to tell the future to know my make-up won’t look good after 24 (or even 12) hours of travel. So, I usually avoid it. On my trip to Egypt yesterday, I just had some mascara and tinted moisturizer from Jordan Essentials. All their products are organic and safe for your world traveling body. I felt super comfortable all day(s).
  4. If you’re even THINKING about being serious about travel, don’t wait to sign up for rewards. I am a HUGE nerd about my frequent flyer reward programs. (That was the best marketing move by the airlines I have ever seen!) I have a folder bookmarking my profiles and love tracking them. But don’t wait to sign up! One big pro (of the many) to traveling with my dad is that he is airline ROYALTY, and we got to wait in lounges (with food!) in between all our flights.
  5. Get the neck pillow. Just do it. I give you permission. You’re not weak. You’re smart. You’ll thank me.
  6. Using comfy headphones, download movies (I rent on iTunes!) or podcasts. Yes, international flights these days are like flying hotels with mini TVs, but I always like movies that get me hyped for my trip. On the way to Egypt, I watched The Mummy, and it made me flip out all the more when I got to my hotel with a window view of the Pyramids! I mention the headphones because those little Apple ones hurt my ears after hour two. I love my white, wireless Beats with 24-hour battery life.

While preparing for your trip, don’t forget to check out my “I’ve Totally Got This” Guide – Traveling Edition to rid the planning process of stress and keep it fun!

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