05 Ways I Avoid Burnout

Look, we all have full lives. I think that’s just the nature of the world right now. But we don’t have to always feel tired or burnt out. I have been there, and I’m sure you have too. There are seasons where one must allow a little more chaos than others. Maybe you’re finishing a degree, growing a family, or making some other big life transition. But on the whole, we don’t have to subscribe to the narrative that in order to be successful or “happy” we need to be running ourselves to the ground. Here are 05 ways I avoid burnout (most of the time):

1. Sleeping & Waking at the Same Time

I use the “Health” app’s sleep section on my iPhone to remind me when to go to bed and when to wake up. Going to bed and waking up at the same time is said to improve your memory and mental health, among other physical benefits. It makes me feel like my body is in rhythm and aligned with my goals. It also ensures I get 8 hours of sleep so I am my best self.

2. “Having a Morning” Before Work Starts

If I start going through my emails or wake up right before meetings, then it feels like my whole life is my job. I love to feel like I’ve had a whole day, or at least a morning before I have to start work. I have a good coffee, go for a walk, work out, journal, or sometimes even watch a show. I just make sure I make it *a moment.*

3. Having a Hobby that has Nothing to do with Work/Career

I believe everyone should have a hobby that has NOTHING to do with advancing their career or how they want to present themselves to the world. The more random the hobby is from your goals, the better. That way, it can be 100% restful. Mine is British history — historical shows, books, museums, or sites. It has NOTHING to do with alleviating poverty through fair trade or mentoring women boldly toward their dreams. It’s my escape from the immense pressure I put on myself in my work, by “going back in time.” It’s called work/life balance, people. We all need it.

4. Affirmations with the Think Up App

To help my mindset, this app manages your affirmations. They offer suggestions, you record yourself saying them, and it audibly plays it back for you. I know it sounds cringe to hear your voice, but they play music under it and make it really peaceful! It’s scientifically proven that hearing yourself say the affirmations helps your mindset!

5. I’m (Basically) Unreachable on Weekends

Unless there is an event or a real emergency, I don’t work on weekends. In order to show up M-F well for my team, I need the break. I rarely touch my phone or post on social. I control the access anyone has to me. And it’s amazing for those two days!

I hope these 05 ways I avoid burnout are helpful for you. We are not our work. We are multifaceted humans. We don’t have careers. We have LIVES. Please take care of yourselves as you chase your dreams.

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