From Failure to Forbes in a Week

From Failure to Forbes in a Week

I went from failure to Forbes featured in a week last September. FORBES.

It was a dream come true that I have been working toward, manifesting, and dreaming of for years.

But the thing is…

A week before I found out this article was going to drop, I was in one of the lowest places I’ve been in a while.

I was burnt out, crying pretty much every day, and started up therapy sessions again. (Not that therapy is a bad thing, but it was proof I wasn’t taking care of myself for a while.)

I was feeling overwhelmed, like a failure, like I doubted my whole career and future.

Then all of a sudden…

I found out this Forbes article was dropping.

My Instagram following doubled in 2 weeks.

I started getting gifting offers from designer brands.

Years of unnoticed work, overwhelm, growing pains as a woman in business, and countless moments of whispering “can I do this?” accumulated into all these measures of success.

I went from feeling like a failure to being featured in Forbes – plus everything that came with that – in the space of a week. Remember, every “overnight success” went unnoticed for a decade.

If you’re doubting yourself, your dreams, or your future, remember every woman who has done something great has doubted herself too. If you are questioning yourself because your goals are taking a long time to come to fruition, remember that every “overnight success” went unnoticed for a decade.

You might be a week away from a confirming sign that you’re on the right path.

Keep going. 🤍

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  1. Ron Cheli says:

    I love your videos about DC. I lived in DC for almost 8 years and really enjoyed your videos and suggestions. I also loved living in DC and visit often. Thank you for the great content.

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