A No-Shame Ethical Fashion Convo

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I have been pursuing an ethical wardrobe with more zeal lately. As the founder of an ethical fashion brand, we didn’t set out to disrupt the fast fashion industry. We just wanted to create jobs for women so they could lead their families out of poverty. However, I’ve been enlivened at the thought of a wardrobe I can FEEL good about inside while I LOOK good on the outside. I want to KNOW women were paid a living wage and no child labor was used to clothe my body and express my style.

Let me be VERY up front about something though:

All conversations I have exploring ethical fashion will always be 100% shame-free! I can promise you that. (Some ethical fashion experts are seriously rude. LOL.)

There may be some thought provoking questions asked or harsh realities shared, but never shaming.

I believe we can pursue a more ethical wardrobe in a way that celebrates progress over perfection. It’s very unlikely we can cut cold turkey and NEVER AGAIN buy something that isn’t 100% sustainable. Small steps forward is the key.

So here is my no-shame conversation about ethical fashion…

When it comes to ethical fashion over fast fashion, I believe:

  • It’s about progress, not perfect (it’s worth saying twice).
  • Our “small” decisions do add up. Even buying one ethically-made top matters.
  • It’s the feminist decision. With over 80% of fast fashion sweatshop workers being women, lowering the demand for these brands is a stand for women and gender equality around the world.
  • Some light education just by reading Instagram posts about this topic is really powerful.
  • Researching brands before you shop is key (many have pages about their environmental and supply chain impacts if you dig a little).
  • It IS POSSIBLE to be the “creme de la creme” stylish by shopping ethically and shopping less.

I made a guide to learn about fast fashion and my 6 tips for a more ethical closet. Click here to download and explore the idea:

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