Feeling a bit stuck?Have you been feeling a bit STUCK in your life these days?

Do you fit into one of these categories? Are you a woman in one of these categories?

01. The woman who has a BIG VISION for her future that is very different from her present but doesn’t know how to reach it.


02. The woman who doesn’t have a vision for her future but knows that where she’s at now is NOT where she wants to be.


03. The woman who has a project on her heart, but doesn’t know how or if she should create it.

You don’t have to let these things keep you feeling stuck.

Maybe you’re afraid you can’t do it.

Maybe you’re afraid your idea won’t be well received.

I know that doubt can feel like confirmation NOT to make a move or make a change.

But actually, that feeling of doubt is RIGHT. ON. TIME.

Hear me out:

In every hero’s — ahem, heroine’s — story, there is a significant moment. There is a turning point. It’s where she pauses and verbalizes, “all of the odds are stacked against me.”

There is no money left. Her family thinks she’s crazy. Her friends don’t support her.

But then… With wobbly yet determined steps, she moves FORWARD.

That doubt you’re feeling — it’s not a sign to turn back. It’s a right of passage. It is a predictable and anticipated part of your journey. Nothing is wrong. Your doubt is actually a sign that you are on the right path. You are walking towards something important.

I always say, “You are the leading lady of your own life.”

Your doubt is not a measure of your incapability. View your doubt as a badge of honor. It’s proof that you’re doing something. It’s evidence that a heroine is on the way, coming for you and your dreams.

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  1. Kate Bloomfield says:

    Feeling stuck about the next stage of my life.. need a little help!

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