Dressember 2019 Dress Designer Elisabeth Huijskens The Elisabeth Trades of Hope

What is Dressember

Last year, I participated in Dressember — a global challenge wherein one wears a dress every day in December to raise money to fight human trafficking. Wearing a dress in the dead of winter is a bit odd. Therefore, it’s a brilliant opportunity to remind others that slavery is the highest it’s every been in history, but we can do something about it. We can end slavery in our lifetime. We just have to act.

I’m doing it again!

Obviously, as a founder and executive at ethical fashion brand, Trades of Hope — I love using fashion to bring hope to the darkest parts of the world. That’s why I’m doing the Dressember challenge again this year! You heard (read?) that right! I am going to be wearing a dress every day in December. (Yes, even all the way over here living in London!)

Dressember asked me to design a dress for them!

But that’s not all… Dressember formally asked me to design a dress (shop The Elisabeth dress here!) for their annual collection! Of course I said yes enthusiastically! I just designed a clothing line for Elegantees, so it was a crazy honor to be asked to be a 2019 Dressember designer as well back-to-back. (I can properly add “clothing designer” to my resume now — and IG bio, let’s be honest — without hesitation!)

“I designed this dress to honor the idea that every unique expression of femininity, every experience of womanhood, and every womanly body type is valid.”

— Elisabeth Huijskens

You can read more about why this design means so much to me on Dressember’s website here!

Dressember 2019 Dress Designer Elisabeth Huijskens The Elisabeth Trades of Hope

Toying with the idea of joining me?

Let me just say, you can totally do this! It’s a fun fashion challenge, and it’s sooo worth it! I raised $1,000 last year to bring people out of slavery just by wearing a dress. It’s a no brainer. However, if you’re still on the fence, I can assure you:

  • You do have enough dresses. Here in London, I only have 2 dresses with me that are appropriate for work. (One of those being my Dressember dress! — shop here) I’m just going to shake up my outfit everyday with blazers, jackets, jewelry, and shoes! Like I said, a fun fashion challenge.
  • It won’t be too cold. Tights and boots, girl! Some people in the coldest places are participating year after year. We can handle being cold while walking inside!
  • I have a list of tips and tricks right here for you to show you that it is so worth every day you choose to slip on a dress rather than step into jeans.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – attributed to Edmund Burke

Interested but still not sure? Follow me on Instagram to see the behind the scenes of how I do it! Also, feel free to message me any questions!

Let’s end slavery in our lifetime, one dress at a time! X

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