Trades of Hope founder Elisabeth Huijskens participates in Dressember to raise money to fight human trafficking.

I founded Trades of Hope to create jobs in developing countries and empower women in poverty to have hope and dignity. When women in developing countries have jobs, they are a lot less vulnerable to being trafficked — another reason I LOVE Trades of Hope and our fair trade accessories. This passion has led me to join Dressember this year! Dressember is a global movement where advocates (like me or you) wear a dress every day in December to raise awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. Dressember partners with organizations like International Justice Mission to end modern day slavery. Social change in a dress? Yes, please.

How does it work? How can you help end slavery?

I’ll be wearing a dress every day through December 31st so people know I am raising money against human trafficking. The funds I raise will go towards fees to help survivors testify against their trafficker in court, vocational training and education for survivors, and my favorite: full rescue missions to save women and children in slavery.

My goal is to raise $1,000. Will you help me rescue women and children out of slavery? You can make a donation here. If you scroll down on that page, it will even tell you the price of how much each fee in the rescue process is, so you know what your money is going towards!

I know what you’re thinking.

You live in D.C. — how are you going to wear a dress everyday in the middle of winter? Being cold sometimes is a small sacrifice to make if it means a woman is freed from slavery. I have been planning for months and have a few strategies on how to stay warm in my dresses that will be conversation-starting and awareness-raising. If you’re a fellow Dressember advocate, here are some tips:

Tips for My Fellow Dressember Advocates:

  • I’ve heard from other northern advocates that wool leggings and tights are a must!
  • Boots! I’ve got some tall ones to keep my legs warm! (And to cover my legs that there is NO WAY I’m shaving every day.)
  • Long coats/jackets that will cover your cold booty. It’s also a sleek and classic look over a dress!
  • Sweater dresses! Now is not the time for your flimsy sundresses. Stand back, spaghetti straps! Bring on the cable-knit!
  • It may seem irrelevant, but wear hats! Make sure your head and feet are warm, and it will help a lot.
  • You may want some fair trade accessories that empower women out of poverty and slavery too — and Trades of Hope is just the place to find them. (I may be biased.) We have amazing sales going on in December. 35%-60% off some of my favorite pieces! I’m wearing the Rosalie Necklace here (only $15.20 until December 15th!). Keep your spirits high with fair trade jewelry or do some Christmas shopping for the girl in your life who loves to make a difference!

See ya in 2019, pants! I’ve got sisters to free from slavery. Will you join me? You can join my movement here.

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  1. lexi says:

    hi! i found a few wallpapers that you created of michelle and barack obama quotes. i came to your website to download them and couldn’t find them. could you help me? LOVE your work, btw.

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