Goals Not Going According to Plan?What do you do when your goals are not going according to plan?

We’re more than halfway through 2021, and it’s so normal to say, “Um… let’s try that again…”

I’m going to be that girl and put this statistic in front of you again:

80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions, intentions, or word by February 1st.

But did you know it’s actually very natural for doubt, objections, and insecurities to arise after you get super specific about your goals? YES. You and I should actually EXPECT it.

When you have a road map, you can more easily see where the obstacles are. This is a GOOD thing, not a reason to give up.

Resistance leads to transformation.

This is true physically – when one works out, muscles grow due to resistance.

This is true relationally – when one leans into a conflict, communication can transform a relationship.

And this is true, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – when one does not avoid the internal objections but gets curious about them, only then can we elevate our lives.

I encourage you to push into those doubts and obstacles with ONE QUESTION.

When you start to experience procrastination, insecurity, critical self-talk or doubt – identify what feeling you are experiencing and ask…

How is _________ trying to serve me right now?

How is procrastination trying to serve me right now?

How is insecurity trying to serve me right now?

How is my inner critic trying to serve me right now?

You’ll realize 2 things:

01. Even the “negative” feelings you feel are trying to serve you. Even though it is usually unnecessary, they are trying to look out for you, to warn you of something, or to spare you a pain. This allows you to step back and look at the situation with a more objective view.

02. With that objective lens, often our fears finally don’t seem so scary. Sometimes, what I was worried about actually ends up sounding silly! (Example: My doubt was based in being worried about what so-and-so would think. But then, I realized that person probably doesn’t even think of me that much!)

The next time your goals are not going according to plan, identify the feeling swelling up inside and ask: How is _______ trying to serve me right now?

Thank it. Thank the feeling for doing its job.

And then remind it that YOU make the choices!

You are, after all, the leading lady of your own life.

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