Moving to London, Elisabeth Huijskens

Have you ever stepped back and realized, “I am living in a moment that, at one point, I dreamt about!” That’s what this first week of moving to London has felt like for me.

In January of this year, I was in full internship-search mode. I was reaching out to friends at the World Bank, showing up without appointments to Senators’ offices, and submitting application after application online. The one that was on my heart? An internship in London. And in March 2019, I found out I got it! Most of this year has been anticipating this move to London, imagining what it would be like to life and work here, and emotionally preparing for this big adventure.

And now I’m here!

I spent so much time wondering what my apartment would look like (turns out it has a beautiful balcony). I envisioned me going on runs through Hyde Park (which I do now!). And I spent months making weekend bucket lists to learn the city like the back of my hand (to which I am definitely well on my way!).

It has been one week, and everything I have dreamt of, plus so much more. These three months are so much more than a fun new city or gaining forgoing service professional experience. Moving or traveling on your own grows you! This journey is making me more into the person I’m supposed to become. I can already feel the pressures — loving pressures — of it molding me.

I know I will always look back on this last week, and the next three months, as one of the most transformative seasons of my life. Thank you for following along on such a significant adventure for me. X

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If you were to tell me earlier this year that I would be living in London, going on runs through Hyde Park (hello, Kensington palace!), and cozying up in a Kensington flat every night — I. Would. Have. Died. Never the less, here we are. “Living in London: Update One” marks one week of living in England.

In this vlog, not only do I share all the details of moving to London and how I’m getting on, but I also talk about what it’s like traveling alone. Take a listen and let me know if you know what I mean about the experiences “sinking deeper.”

The London spots I hit in this vlog:

Thank you so much for following me along on this adventure! It means the world to me! X

Moving to London

Moving to London

Moving to London

Cheers! x

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