Why Everyone Should Live Abroad for a While

Needing to grocery shop among locals… Going into work at a job where I’m expected to show up… Developing a lovely routine within the world of a different culture… It has always a dream of mine to live abroad. And I am living that dream now as I live and work in London!

Now that I’ve experienced what it’s like to live outside of America, I’m sharing 12 reasons why everyone should live abroad for a season of their lives! Not only do I believe the world will be a better place everyone lived abroad (more empathetic, compassionate, and generous) but as an individual, one gains to much experience, wisdom, and maturity while living abroad! You want to step into your best, truest self? Live abroad.

01. | You’ll start collecting memories instead of things.

I’m a huge believer in being an experience collector. On Instagram, I talk a lot about being an experience collector. Why? Because you can lose your money, job, material possessions — but no one can take away your experiences and how they grow you. That’s in you forever and will benefit you for the rest of your life.

02. | It will propel your confidence through the roof.

You’ll see that you can handle anything! Have a problem? You will figure it out. Don’t see a path? You will forge one. Feel kind of basic or unseen in your home country? You’ll be unique and interesting abroad! (Trust me! Watch my highlight on Instagram called “London Life.”)

03. | You’ll learn to take more risks.

Read here about my experience of realizing the freedom of being somewhere no one knows you! It’s exhilarating, even for me as an introvert! Which leads me to No. 03…

04. | It will make you more spontaneous.

Too stringent? Live abroad where very little is in your control and everything is new! You’ll throw caution to the wind and realize there’s nothing to lose with a little spontaneity.

05. | You’ll learn the art of negotiation.

You know how you refuse to be ripped off at the car dealership because you’re a woman? Yeah, multiply that by 100 when you’re living abroad. Expenses are high, you’re somewhere new — you refuse to be ripped off. And don’t be afraid to negotiate. If they don’t take you seriously, they’ll just think you’re a foreigner. Which you are, so it’s fine. Play that card!

06. | You’ll be able to figure out anything.

A map? Doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial, you’ve got that skill down! Planning an excursion? You’ll learn how to plan every detail from scheduling to tire-changing.

07. | You’ll see that the world isn’t scary.

We are all so much more similar than we are different. We have the same basic desires and dreams. And the things that make us different? They’re beautiful and sacred, not a reason to be divided.

08. | It will make you more compassionate.

When you see the different struggles or contexts of people around the world, your heart will go out to them. It’s hard to hate someone when you see them up close.

09. | You’ll become more grateful.

When you are away from your home’s comforts, when you see how other people live, when you celebrate “little wins” of being somewhere new — you’ll catch yourself feeling grateful. Even the simplest moments like a coral sunrise or a good coffee can be touching when your usual distractions aren’t clouding your vision. You’ll be able to see who beautiful this world is and how meaningful every moment is in this life.

10. | It will make you brave.

You will be forced outside of your comfort zone so many times that you will have bravery wins under your belt. The more you put yourself out there, the more you retrain your brain to be brave. Eventually, it will come as second nature as breathing.

11. | You’ll look better on paper.

Can you imagine having your abroad experience on your resume? “Yeah, I can do that in the U.S., but I’ve figured out how to do it in China. BOOM.” Seriously no matter your career — creative freelance, political, tech, theater, architecture — having done it in one country rather than one shows you’re resourceful and adaptable with high capacity.

12. | You’ll become more creative.

Traveling within itself opens the minds to new art, perspectives, social norms, and history. Living abroad and adapting a new lifestyle hits the “reset” button on your life, wiping canvases clean and heightening your creative awareness.

Cheers, my friend! I hope you find yourself walking up in an apartment in Rome or a sipping tea on a terrace in Thailand very soon!

Check out my London Update No. 03 video to catch up on personal updates of me living in London:

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  1. Allison Lanier says:

    Yes and amen! I definitely experienced each of these 12 things while living abroad in Scotland. Watching your London journey has me yearning for another adventure of my own! Thanks for inspiring and encouraging all who know you through everything you do. Love you girl!

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